HappyTrees Studio

Feb 7, 2011


                                                                   P Jay Fidler
P Jay' s work is awesome, layered, textured, colorful and mixed. I love it!

Jesse Reno 
I love his work! Tons of bright colored layers with awesome tribal cutaways and penciled in details!

Saelee Oh
Dreamy and ethereal, her lines are sharp and her characters are from fantasy storybook land, a place I would love to live! 

Thais Beltrame
Clean and entrancing, her lines are sharp and her style exact.

Our assignment this week is to find an artist that inspires us and take an aspect of that artists work and incorporate it into a painting of our on. The main lesson is to put us on the path to find our own style. I love this lesson, and I have a ton of artists that inspire me. I can't wait to finally find my own signature style. I'm off to paint!

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