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May 14, 2010

La lune

La lune
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It must be full...So I've been painting everyday...every single day. I'm also reading Julia Cameron "The Complete Artists Way" and Danny Gregory "The Creative License". I've made a pact with my soul that no more would I wish I could do something if I had more time-I'm never going to have more time, I've got four kids-I just have to make the conscience decision to get off my ass and DO. Lack of sleep and all. And you know what? This whole proactive versus procrastinate thing is pretty easy. Once you start doing, you don't want to stop. I hope this lasts...

PS-I'm teaching a BEGINNERS crochet class at the Lucille Tatum Center on May 20th, and a BEGINNERS knitting class on the 26th. Come out and have fun!

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freckletree. said...

good for you. it's sad to put art in the backseat of our lives. i always feel the same way-- 'if i had more time.'

i'm reading patti smith's just kids and it's stirring my brain. so many ideas in there. so many photographs waiting to be created.

send over some of that determination, will ya?