HappyTrees Studio

Creativity Facilitator

Feeling stuck? In a rut? Do you start projects and never finish? Do you wish you were more creative?
Do you find yourself saying "I can't do that" or "I'm not creative/I'm not an artist"
Do you know your truth?

say this with me- 

I can help you find your truth and creativity again. We'll explore together using guided meditation, journaling and color! If you would like to be more open creatively and honestly- whether at work or at home, you will recognize your artistic creativity and use it everywhere! With art journaling and guided meditation, your mind will open to the creative possibilities and add color to your entire life!

We can work together face to face, through Skype, or through emails. I'll have little mini homework assignments and journaling exercises to keep you on the creative path!

 please contact me happysappytrees@gmail.com for rates and packages

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