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Oct 14, 2013

Start Your Week Off the Healthy way!

One day at a time.
One thing at a time.
That's the way I approach healthy living. And I've found it's the easiest way too! If you say "today, I'm going to start a diet, give up all sugar, and exercise for an hour" by tomorrow you'll give up everything and lay on the couch. Instead, try this.
Week One- give up something unhealthy; sugar, cigarettes, soda's, caffeine, all day TV- anything. What ever you do that you know you're over indulging in- cut it out, or cut it down to once a day or an hour a day.
Week two- start a little exercise program. Try walking three times for thirty minutes a day this week. You can even break it up and take little ten minute walks the length of you street three times a day. Just move!
Week three- try something new. Take a yoga class, or swim lesson, or zumba. Belly Dancing, ballet and hooping are super cool, and really fun! You forget you're exercising when you're in a tutu, or swinging a hoop on your hips!
Week Four- this is simple, with everything else that your doing, just drink more water and breathe. If you want to hydrate your body properly, take your weight and divide it by two. And that's the amount of water in oz your supposed to intake a day. That with two or three minutes of full, deep, nostril breaths a day will have you feeling amazing in no time!
Already in four little weeks you've added solid steps to your day towards becoming healthier! Keep going! Try new things all the time, but take them slow, and get plenty of rest.

Some other things you could do-
Eat a new piece of fruit everyday
Wake up earlier and walk in the silence of the day
try meditation
have a salad everyday for a week
meatless mondays
Cut out the fast food for a week
try organic!
Make all of your meals for a day using nothing pre made
This is just a few ideas for you to incorporate into your life. It's your life and body, and it's up to you to take care of it!

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