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Oct 28, 2013

Holiday Season is Gearing Up.

 We're going on Vacation this Saturday, and I'm in packing hell! Packing for 5 is no bueno...bathing suits, costumes, shorts, pants...It's ridiculous. We'll be gone for only seven days but it's already cold here and Florida and the Bahamas are sure to be a bit warmer...squeee! I'm super excited but really nervous.

 We did all of our Halloween stuff this weekend, we'll take the kids trick or treating Thursday, but after that we are done. I'm already candied out and the holidays are just getting started!

Jon as Mario

I found this pic on pinterest/this is what I was going for.

I used acrylic craft paint for the white, glued eyelashes on my face and liquid liner for the black...easy peasy.

So I'm not really doing any art today, but I am participating in 'Meatless Monday's" tonight is 15 Bean and Kale soup with cornbread. I'll post a recipe later today!

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