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Sep 26, 2013

Wild Abandon is a Good Thing

For most people, when they reach a certain age, they start to think if something they enjoy is not making them money or giving them status then it's not beneficial. I do NOT believe this. And I really feel like one of my biggest truth on this earth is to teach other how to relax and enjoy life. The easiest way I have fun is COLOR! Getting messy and putting my hands in squishy paint is soothing!


Craft paint (cheap) in all of your favorite colors
Large sheets of heavy weight bristol or watercolor paper
paper plate or palette of some kind

What to Do

Fill you palette with all of your favorite colors. Begin by dipping your fingers in paint and smearing it on the paper. Use all of your hands. Finger tips for dots, palm for smears, side of the hand for moons- whatever you want. Paint fast and loose! Let it dry a bit and then take a pencil or pen and scratch a design into the paint or write something positive. Let your painting dry and hang it on the fridge. Was it fun? 

If you found yourself getting too serious or technical about it start all over. The whole point of the practice is to loosen up and enjoy yourself!
Make a whole series with the same color or smears...try to awaken that inner wild child of yours!

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