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Jul 31, 2013

Cantaloupe and Kale?

Smoothie Time!
My lady friend and (unbeknownst to her) yoga guru Rachael told me that I should start using Kale in place of spinach in my drinks/smoothies because it would be more cooling to my fiery pitta nature. Well ding dong if she aint right! Now that I've started using Kale I feel as if it IS cooler and more soothing, and maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit, but it seems as if my skin is not quite so pinky. (Being a natural redhead, I have a pink on the verge of red complexion, Depending on how hot my body is at the time).

So today, I thought I'd share my delicious newfangled to me recipe for a Cantaloupe and Kale Smoothie!

1c Kale (washed, but i didn't even chop it)
1c Cantaloupe
a handful of Goji berries
1/4c of Chia Seeds
1/2 a banana ( for a bit more sweetness)
2c Ice

I just threw everything into the blender and pressed liquefy! It made enough ( 3c or .75L) that I drank it throughout the evening and then had the rest for breakfast.
 The main difference in the kale and the spinach is texture. The Kale tends to be pretty crunchy, or toothsome; while the spinach smooths out a lot more and becomes more 'liquidy'. But the overall flavor is usually masked by the sweetness of the fruit. Bananas and apples almost always over power so use them sparingly if you are trying for a balance of flavor.

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