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Mar 28, 2013

Thursday Crafty Thursday

When the kids and I are having 'craft day' we like to dress up. Actually, I like to dress up, and I drag them into it. I decided that in order to feel more 'artistic' i needed a Creative Headdress...thus bands of feathers galore!

Feathers( i bought mine at Hobby Lobby)
Leather Scraps (felt would work just fine)
Sharp scissors or razor

First I cut bands of leather to fit each of our heads. Then I cut slips to insert the feathers in to. I added an assortment of feathers and then just taped them down on the inside. I now wear this when I'm writing and journaling, and I added acrylic craft paint with a round #10 brush dipped in paint and glitter to our faces for 'war/warrior' paint. We are now ready to conquer any art/craft project ever! We dress up for any and all occasions, art should be a celebration! celebrate every day with a costume, get into character- you'll love it as much as the kiddies!

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Lisa said...

Reminds me of when I was little. I loved anything indian. My favorite place to go was Cherokee where I always got to buy an indian doll, tomahawk and headwear. So exciting! Just wish I still had those dolls but I literally, rubbed the beads and fur off their clothes. I loved them so much.