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Feb 7, 2013

Create for Woman

I am so doing this!!! I think women everywhere should sign up and create for equality!!

Not my entry, but something like it(I'm still working on the boobies)

~PROSPECTUS: UniteWomen.org is looking for art that speaks to, examines and explores the social, political and economic issues related to women's activism. We are seeking art (all media) that expresses the women's perspective on issues of women's rights, political rights, reproductive rights, the ERA and issues of societal control which can range from literal to poetic, abstract to representational, and psychological, to social and political commentary. Submit work that explores the concepts of being a woman in today's global society and how social constructs define your experience whether internal, external, imagined or imposed, and how it defines and shapes our identities, relationships, ideas and politics. Artists are encouraged to interpret this theme broadly; submit works that have resonance and meaning to you. UniteWomen.org will present these issues in visual form, creating a public forum for action, reaction, and informed discussion.~ 

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MulticoloredPieces said...

Interesting and lovely piece you're showing here and thanks for drawing this organization to your readers' attention. Sometimes I despair because it would seem that younger women don't think it's necessary to continue the battle for their rights...
best, nadia