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Dec 8, 2012

Saturday Project- Hand Carved Stamps

I've been hand carving stamps for my art journal, and I freaking love it sooo much! Making something with my hands and then being able to replicate it on all types of surfaces is so cool! Lately,  I've been working on one of a kind stationary- greeting cards, postcards, bookmarks, and stamps just work perfectly with them. I love little letters of affirmation, and I get so excited when I receive something in the mail- It's my favorite.

  I'm actually using a woodcarving set and some of my pottery tools to carve into the carving block. I just drew an image on a regular piece of paper, turned it over and scribbled on it- creating a transfer. Then I took an Exacto knife and cut the image down to a more manageable size on the block
 - then just trimmed the bulk of the block away...carefully(!)... with the scoopy tool. When I finished I tapped out all of the crumbs and stamp away! So easy! The block was only 2.97 from Micheal's but you can order it here too.
As you can see from the images, I still lack a little practice at taking my time and getting crisp edges. But that will come the more I carve. And this is the third stamp out of 1 4x4 block! I'll keep at this one and perfect it! I hope this will help you see how easy this is to do, I was so intimidated till I finally tried! Easy Peasy!

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Lisa said...

I sooo want to do one of these. Maybe my name? I work backwards any way. Love it Ana! You are soo cool!!!