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Oct 29, 2012


This is the time for rejuvenation!
Fall brings shifts in weather, more love, more family, and a lot more time spent indoors. What better time than now to re-organize things? Now is the time to get everything back in to order for the fullness of your soul. 
Why not...

 Unclutter your home, throw out things that you know you don't need anymore! I've been the worlds worst at keeping clothes for ever...I literally still have undies from ten years ago. There is no reason to hold on to things from a decade past!! Go through everything, but make it manageable- split everything into small tasks, room by room, or pile by pile. Make it manageable and then DO IT! Donate your old clothing and items to your local Salvation Army or Kidney Foundation. I'm sure someone there will appreciate it more than you do,  shoved away in some closet.

Replenish yourself, body and soul. Restart that forgotten meditation regimen. Start a daily A'sana practice. Eat more fruit! It's really easy to take care of yourself and once you get into the habit of doing things differently and daily you'll actually start wanting to do it! I've made myself start eating more fruit everyday, fresh not packaged. The added benefit of fiber has been keeping me full longer too which is awesome cause I'm not starving all the time! Which means less crazy bad snacking. 

Start a Collective of like minded people. Gather like souls and just spend time with them, enjoying their energy, their intellect. Laugh! Find people you never thought you'd enjoy and give them a chance! I love to create art with a group of people. I seem to create more freely when I am surrounded by the energy of other creatives.

Start small-but start today. Enjoy the fullness of the moon tonight- gather that beautiful energy and harness it! Use it to inspire your new change, and then

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