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Jul 26, 2012

A Love Letter For You

Dear Beautiful Woman,

 I know when you look at yourself everyday you tell your image how wonderful you are, and you know you're being honest. Because you would never lie to yourself, right? You are so amazing, it makes my heart almost burst with love and pride just getting to be a part of your tribe. The strength and courage you show every day is awe inspiring. I can't believe that I, too, get to be a woman. We are so lucky to be alive and everyday should be a celebration of our love and devotion to all that is available in our paths. Good or bad, the lessons we are taught each day make us even more fabulous. Please continue to be amazing and inspiring, and lets make sure everyone around us realizes their powers as well. Together we are unstoppable!

I love you.

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MulticoloredPieces said...

This is very kind of you. Somehow, we are much harder on ourselves than we are on anybody else. Would you treat your best friend the way you treat yourself? In an ideal world, the answer would be yes, but in reality, there are so many demands placed on women that we find it hard just to keep our heads above the water. And so we certainly need to be kinder to ourselves.
best, nadia