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May 23, 2012

Be Yourself

This is the best advice I've ever received or given.Who AM I, you might say...

 The way I've really begun coming in to ME, and finding ME, is through meditation, yoga, journaling, and intuitive painting. A daily meditation practice twice a day has been so enlightening, and pressure free. I just sit comfortably, and open myself unto the universe before I begin, then I close my eyes and begin to breathe...a four count in a four count out...when my thoughts start to wander I gently pull them back to my breath. Your mind is made to wander...you are training it with every session to be still and focused. It's a PRACTICE. I also MOVE. Stretching and doing a light yoga practice daily is good for getting my creative juices a flowing! Which moves me straight into stream of conscious writing, then going back through my journal and underlining the most meaningful things...or taking notes on what stands out TO ME. When I paint, I move, write, meditate and paint all at the same time. When I get stuck, I write, or meditate, or move.  I remind myself daily to create...and that the creating is all in the process, not in the product. Color, flow and movement are amazingly freeing. All of these things together have helped me understand who I am and how I fit into my skin. And they may help you too! Begin your daily practice and start finding YOU, today!

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Lisa said...

Love reading your blogs