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May 2, 2012

Eyes Wide Open

I've been training myself to be more open. Twice daily meditation and a daily yoga practice, plus morning pages and LOTS of paint being slung is helping me feel so centered and open and LOVE! I am so awake I can feel my energy vibrating and changing and opening doors ahead of me. I'm learning to be sure of myself and confident that every step I take is being guided by another source because I AM allowing myself to be open. For so long I would wish for something to happen or hope that it would but then that nagging critic always told me "it's probably not going to happen, don't get your hopes up." By changing the way that I think and feel I have allowed myself to be more accepting. Now I KNOW that the things I want to come to fruition are going to happen because I sent my intention into the universe. And I've put my fears in a locked box, never to return. And I know that I will work- HARD-for what I want. An open mind and a daily practice will set things in motion for anyone. I AM AN ARTIST. I AM A CREATIVE COACH AND I AM HAPPY. My life is amazing and I hope to be able to start helping your life to be amazing too. But for today, YOU have to make the decision that you want change in your life and you are willing to block those fears. This is your first step! Once you do this everything will start to get into order and you can start accepting the gifts you deserve.

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