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Feb 25, 2012

WishBIG Instructor- Jenna McGuiggan

Jenna McGuiggan

Jenna  has worked as a professional freelance writer, editor, and coach since 2005. She received her Master of Fine Arts in Writing (creative nonfiction focus) from Vermont College of Fine Arts. I need this ladies help! She can take words and display them like a fine tapestry to keep the reader enthralled and aching for more. If you are having any trouble verbalizing what you need to say, this is the lady to contact. In WishBIG she is teaching us how to take our stories and put them in bite sized morsels so that they are easier to mentally digest and deliver. It gets very overwhelming trying to deliver all of a story at one time. Please be sure to visit her blog and enjoy her writing, Ahhhh-mazzzing!

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