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Feb 13, 2012

WishBIG Instructor- Connie Hozvicka

  The first WishBIG instructor I'm going to gush about is Connie Hozvicka-let me just say- wow-wheee...this lady is super inspirational and creative. She is the owner/operator of Dirty Footprints Studio, teacher, artist, yogini, and soon to be mama!!! She teaches the art of making art, without all the conventional BS of " I went to art school- I think in an art box- you have to practice the fundamentals" crapola. She wants you to experience art from the heart and soul. From the inside out. No pretense no ego, just feel with texture, color and love. And for this- She is AWESOME!So many people are worried about creating for profit, or accolades; she creates for her.Which makes me love each and every piece even more! Go to Connie's website and check out her extensive line of workshops- (all of which I will eventually take!!) BIG is on sale now, and it's the perfect starting place!

1 comment:

Connie said...

Oh my goodness Anastasia!! You are too much!!

Just too too much!!

Thank you for all your sweet words--and it means a whole lot to me coming from such an awesome Artist as yourself who's out there sharing creativity with others too!!!