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Jan 6, 2012

I love Art Journaling.

 I love to journal...i love to talk about it, write about it, teach about it, learn about it...everything! Even when I paint big and on canvas I am still journaling...using a little bit of me and my soul in each piece, but allowing the viewer to decide what he sees for himself as well.
 I'm teaching a class at Arts on Main on the 12th and 26th of January. It's called Journaling Inward: Adventures in Art Journaling and I'm really excited about it!
The pic above is just a sample of some of the journals I use on a daily basis.

  Journaling to me is so soothing, so freeing. I don't have to care about anything other than making me happy. Expressing my self fully for just me. And even if I plan to show others what I'm working on, their judgement doesn't bother me, because it's my soul, on paper! It's a constant work in process!!! It's a visual  way of me meditating and figuring me out. It's so MUCH it's hard to emphasize just how amazing it is for me, and my sanity!

Here's a tiny list of some of the amazing journalers out there that I <3
Journal Girl - I'm taking 2 of her classes right now and she is awesome!
Finding beauty in the Broken Places
Dawn Sokol
Daisy yellow
Balzer Designs

Visit their sites, take some classes, or come see me next week for Journaling Inward! I hope to have a PDF of the class by Feb. for purchase!!! Now, Go make something!!!

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Lisa said...

Im from the area, I may just have to check this out.