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Jan 11, 2012

30 Days of SUN!

 So as I've mentioned before, I began my Yoga Teacher Training in March and I'm soooo excited! BUT- I'm terribly out of shape and I only practice maybe 3 days a week and my meditation is like at twice a week. I've lost dedication to my practice. So I decided to start over completely! It takes up to a month to form a habit, so I'm going to do AT LEAST 5 Sun Salutations a day...I know that when I move my body around I'll be so jazzed I won't be able to stop! (If you're not familiar with Yoga or Sun Salutations I have a video link here.)
I'll let you know how my practice is going! 

 Since I love company so much maybe you too could try out 30 Days of Sun with me! Leave me a comment and I'll check out your blog to keep up with your progress too!

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