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Dec 30, 2011

Setting my Intentions

Sorry for being MIA- The holidays +work got me big time...I'm finishing up my 31 days of  Giving by donating all that is left to the Kidney Foundation of Gaston County.

I'm super excited for a brand new year!!!!!
Do you make resolutions? Have trouble with them? I usually do, but I think I've finally figured out the perfect formula.
  1. Think long term, but make it easy enough that you'll finish. You need a goal that you work on a bit at a time through the year.
  2. WRITE THEM DOWN!!! PUT THEM WHERE YOU WILL SEE THEM!!! Nothing gets me going faster than a good ole dose of self guilt, looking at a list and knowing I need to accomplish something will make me follow through. So I'm putting it somewhere I and everyone else in the house will see them.
  3. Create a plan and start TODAY. Don't wait till the first, or tomorrow, or after this pack of cigs...start now. Make a goal and make time to do it.
  4. Gift yourself. You deserve a reward for trying hard and following through.
  5. Track your accomplishments(or failures). This will help you hold yourself accountable.
So here are my goals this year...
GET IN SHAPE- I start my Yoga teacher training in March and I am not ready for that kind of workout. So I have to really stick to my daily practice.
Create something new ever week. 52 works of  ART.
GET PUBLISHED- I really want to be published this year, and I'm going to work on that diligently.
I think those are some pretty big goals, and I WILL achieve them. What are your resolutions? I'd like to know! xxsmooch

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