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Dec 1, 2011


I thought with Day 1 we'd give the gift of self love first. A little soul nourishment. So often we forget that WE are the best and truest ever. No need to pretend or try to impress anyone else. Just be true to YOU. So today, I am giving a little reminder as a gift. For you or anyone in your life that needs a little reminder. BE YOURSELF! Everything else will be as easy as pie. Please feel free to print this artwork and hang it anywhere, EVERYWHERE! Post it for all to see, even for those who do not know they need it!


Let's further the Gift of Giving LOVE!

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Tams said...

Thank you for inspiring this. I decided to start with prayer - a little something I picked up elsewhere. I want to end the way I begin, and though this idea had merit. You pick someone and pray for their happiness every for a month. Every day; and, never tell them. Watch what happens. So, today I began my giving with a prayer for this person's happiness, and look forward to seeing what happens over the upcoming month.