HappyTrees Studio

Dec 6, 2011

Day 5 of GIVING!!!

I just so happen to have an extra copy of  Micheal Demeng's book Dusty Diablos- so I'd like to give it to one of you! Leave a comment below and I'll choose randomly on Wednesday Dec. 7 and post the winner here.

edit-Congratulations! Bama chose TAMS' name out of  the bowl!!!


Tams said...

Comment comment comment!!

SpandexSplinters said...

What is this book that you speak of?

happytrees said...

Dusty Diablos is an amazing art assemblage lesson book and full of folklore and legends- it's awesome!

Rachel M Cotton said...

I would love a really cool book from a really cool chick that I can treasure for always and forever... Hugs!