HappyTrees Studio

Sep 2, 2011

I insist you create-even if it's crap.

acrylic, sharpie, sequins, watercolor and love...

Quick time art journaling, coffee in hand, is just as therapeutic as my morning pages. It's all about the process, and getting it out of my head and on to the paper...is it my best work? Hell no, do I love it, yes, because it helps me form ideas for future paintings, color and texture pairings. Art journaling does not need to be good or perfect or great, it's the process of getting your hands and heart to synchronize and be able to put things on paper that jumble up your head. Go on...write a grocery list, affirmations, crabby list, anything. Random words, NO words...just photos, it doesn't matter, just CREATE. Get into the habit of a daily session with color, words and imagery so that you keep yourself open to the muse. The artistic highway...so what if you don't like it. NO ONE ever has to see it, it's your journal, your private stomping ground. But I promise, the more you work in a journal, the more confident you will be in your artistic endeavors throughout the day. Process Process Process- not product. Art is doing not showing. Go make something now! Your heART will love you for it!

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