HappyTrees Studio

Sep 8, 2011

i am me

I'm okay with being called a hippie, activist, feminist.
I'm alright with the labels that you place upon me...
for what I know to be true in my heart, is that I live with no fear, no hate, no sadness...only want...
want for a community that can and will rise above what so many have told us was wrong...
we have to overcome the labels and embrace the fact that change has to start at home.
it starts here.
Make your town ,your city, your life, your own.
Embrace your strengths and be willing to sacrifice yourself for the betterment of all mankind.
 be it in your home, in your town, in your city...
you have the power to make a difference...you make a change.
Create CHANGE!


MulticoloredPieces said...

Interesting thoughts and I agree. I've been thinking about doing an art quilt with labels--something about "I hate labels"!
best, nadia

happytrees said...

I think that would be beautiful Nadia! you have to make it so I can see it! Maybe we could start an art movement!!!