HappyTrees Studio

Aug 27, 2011

Floral-ish doodling

This makes me happy, random markings on canvas...splashes of color that take shape in ways you could not foresee. Intuitive painting is very special to me, you just put everything down with wild and reckless abandon, painting from your heART not with your brain, not in a box. if you like green and puce together and tigerish is how you feel, do it! Remember when you were in elementary and you could and would just draw because it felt good, paint with colors that were your favorites? Make your self happy just by making something with your hands. That's what I'm trying to reconnect with.  And that's what I want to help others reconnect with, your inner child needs to be nourished and loved with creativity and color. Get out your paint brush and show yourself some love!

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