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Aug 31, 2011

Agami Karma

'Agami Karma' means- Karma yet to come.

            There are many plans here at HappyTrees Studio! I'm working on an Art Journaling workshop called "Journaling From the HeART" and will be able to talk more about it soon...there will also be some tutorials going up next week and they will all be FREE! Little gifts of thankfulness from me to you.

             I'm finally getting to a place where I find my muse as I'm working but I don't wait for inspiration to strike before I start to work. I'm getting in the habit of working at least an hour a day, to get my creative juices flowing, and keep the well full, and you know what?!? It's working!!! I'm always ready to create as soon as I walk into my studio, and I can't wait to get in here everyday! Practice really does make pretty close to perfect! I hope you will get into the habit of creating every day, be it something wonderful in the kitchen, an amazing craft with your children, or an awesome art project by yourself. Be creative EVERY DAY!!

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Stephanie said...

Can't wait to see your tutorials and I agree, no matter what you are creating (a garden, a meal, a painting, a party, a moment..) it feels good to do it. Sometimes we forget just how creative we are and can be. Glad you are back on your blog too...I missed you!