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Jul 1, 2011

Lost In Emotion

The only thing I can ever be sure of is that I will never have enough hours in my day, and that I am terrified the path I'm on may not be my path. I search my soul so deeply every day that
I'm scared I'm asking myself the same questions too often and I'm programmed with the right answers or that I'm not asking the right questions. OR- maybe I shouldn't question at all and just let the flow just BE. For as long as I can remember I've had to CREATE. Making something every day, something out of nothing, something from materials, something for me.  The main question that's perplexing me right now is meaning. Is it functional? What does it mean? Is it just nice to look at or does it create an emotion? I want to create an emotion, and I want functionality...but sometimes all that comes out is shit. Useless bullshit...cute to look at but no purpose. I can't imagine I've been blessed with the ability to create to WANT to create and the only thing I can make is pictures.

Where am i going???

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Ahavati said...

You're going home, going home, to a place I know I belong. Where the ghosts and the fears and the shadows disappear. Going home.