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May 12, 2011

My Path

It's becoming more and more clear.

I know what I want and I've almost figured out how to achieve my goals!

Firstly- Let me say that if were not for the ahhhmazing ladies in my Creative Cluster; The Creative Goddesses of the Peidmont, I would be to afraid to take a step to do anything...evaahhh. They have inspired me in our short time together and made me realize I can be me and that is freakin AWESOME.

Secondly- Goddess Leonie is a star. A for real on this earth Goddess! If you haven't yet, scoot your booties over to her site and scour it. She will help you develop your inner light so bright you'll have to wear shades!

Thirdly- Connie Hozvicka...This lady is a creative GENIUS! She is all about freedom and feeling your muse, painting from the heart. I thought I was the only one who wanted to paint cause it felt good. She is definitely teaching everyone that it's all about the Process not the Product. Her classes are amaahhhzing and her blog is inspiring!! She has made me see that I can teach and help.

And that's where I want to go! I want to paint, for me, for enjoyment, for fun. And I want to teach people creativity comes from the heART not the brain, not a photocopy of an image you've seen. Create from that land of child like whimsy that resides in your soul. Do it because it feels good, not because you want the label of an artist or you don't like working 9 to 5. If you make something, make it because you love it, you feel it....everything will start to fall into place. You have to trust your inner artist, your soul. Do what you LOVE! I want everyone to know how creative they can be in every way, every day. It's not about painting the perfect picture or drawing something that looks like a photograph, it's about creating from the heART and having a great time doing it. Laughing and giggling and FEELING!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing,yet again, your inner self, which is beautiful and exquisite in itself, in writing.
Cammy Duncan