HappyTrees Studio

Nov 26, 2010

New Paintings- New Monsters-New Me

Dirty water-

paints ready to go!

Matilda- dear sweet Matilda

My new painting-No where near being finished.

More of the unfinished mess...

I've been crazy busy, and I tend to get preoccupied with BS and quit trying to create,I'm not doing that right now. I'm starting on my New Years resolution early, and create something daily. I've really been inspired by all of the "outsider" art i've been seeing lately. Most of these artist's are unschooled like me and being self taught i really need to figure out how to think out of the box. So I've been scouring the web lately and the thing that most inspires me is folk art, rustic paintings with lots of layers. I hope to get better by practicing more....isn't that how it works?

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