HappyTrees Studio

Nov 13, 2008

Thursday Pretties

Blue and Pink Swarovski and Bead Earrings by Boquita

Upcycled Hippie Dress by Phriendlyk8

Inferno #3 by Colorklipse

Red Stained Glass Candle Holder by madebymarni

Kaya Messenger Bag by inkihandmade

Turquoise Lamp work Bracelet by Topaz08

Vinyl Wall Sticker by Monkeythreads


Dragonfly fine designs said...

These items are great! There are a lot of talented people!

amy said...

i love the messenger bag and the mousey decal. how cute.

I should really feature some Etsy artists in my shop soon.



alamodestuff said...

What a nice surprise to see a teammate o' mine, phriendlyk8!

PhriendlyK8's Threads said...

thanks a million for featuring my dress...you are too kind :)

colorklipse said...

Nice surprise to see my painting, Inferno #3; thanks for sharing...

Zarebski said...

It's lovely Swarovski blue crystal earrings... I just love the beautiful dress!!

Marni said...

Wow, I just found this........better late than never! Thank you for including my candlholder!