HappyTrees Studio

Oct 3, 2006

I had this little man(Jon Roland Cash- jonnycakes for short!) on Aug.30 at 12:02am- He is awesome!!! So many things have been going on and I've totally gotten behind on my blog and on my knitting/sewing...I've been practicing the guitar a lot and I'm trying out for the Charlotte Roller Derby, all of this on top of THREE babies and sewing and knitting and school and dance and sports and WHEW!I'm out of breath...how do other women do it? I moved to the middle of North Carolina in June and I have made some really cool new friends...and I've lost all of the wires to my camera so that I could download pics...but I promise to get some soon!!! I have been knitting booties and hats up a storm...my sister and best friend are both due within the next bit so there will be babies everywhere. I am also trying to study for my Doula certification...I'm beat! Soon I will get it all together and be organized, I hope! Smooches until later!

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