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Aug 1, 2005

All for you...

I love knitting... I've found that it completely takes over all aspects of my life. I dream of knitting at all times...And I'm starting to fantasize about kilt socks...They are beautiful.

This gentleman had the most beeyouteefull stockings ever...This is at the Highland games at Grandfather Mtn. NC

The burliest guys, all in pretty skirts with long gorgeous hair.

Sarah Peacock ( her studio is in Rebel Books-on the corner of Wrightsville and 17th, in Wilmington NC) she is my favorite artist...And she's helping me conquer my 'craft' arm...I'm trying to reinforce the idea that handmade is best.

I'm posing for you! You can kind of see my arm...

This is my new baby...She's mad at me right now...Something about her tension, I'm figuring it out. Thank you Earthguild in Asheville, NC! They rock!!!

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