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Jun 29, 2005

I've had a very busy day today! My friend C. is coming to town and she got me this spindle-but the stupid little hook(almost a wire) broke(maybe I'm spinning to chunky, not drafting enough...) so I took a tea cup hook and twisted it in there and finally got some spinning done...

I had to have something to show her, and now I'm addicted! Im going to dye it with orange and pink kool-aid tomorrow. I also spun some green roving but its still downstairs drying.So- four skiens later and then we went to the park.

My little bubba made a new friend, so LuLu and I hung out alone while J. dozed on the bench. She took this pic of me.

When we got home I dug out this mill end yarn I got at Earthguild -(www.earthguild.com)for 6.50 a pound! This is a little under a pound, I've already made a hat an scarf with it...so I'm going to start on Glampyres one skein wonder.

LuLu and I made kissy faces before she went to sleep at 12:00!!! So now I'm exhausted and typing during just about the only free time I get.Whew!!!


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