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A Love Letter For You

Dear Beautiful Woman,

 I know when you look at yourself everyday you tell your image how wonderful you are, and you know you're being honest. Because you would never lie to yourself, right? You are so amazing, it makes my heart almost burst with love and pride just getting to be a part of your tribe. The strength and courage you show every day is awe inspiring. I can't believe that I, too, get to be a woman. We are so lucky to be alive and everyday should be a celebration of our love and devotion to all that is available in our paths. Good or bad, the lessons we are taught each day make us even more fabulous. Please continue to be amazing and inspiring, and lets make sure everyone around us realizes their powers as well. Together we are unstoppable!

I love you.

Positive Living

Notice my amazing lotus spare tire...not so cute- but it will be gone soon...what do you think about that?!?


I've totally been creating my NEW and IMPROVED life plan; and I've been implementing new things daily. Since Fall is my favorite season, I'd thought I'd start something new and hopefully feel better and more magical every day. 

1. Enjoy each day- I've been drinking my tea out of my wedding china, drinking my water out of a wine glass, and wearing my 'good' panties every day! Why wait for a special occasion? Isn't being alive today special enough?!?

2. Slow Down- I always rush rush rush to everything, which, in turn, stresses me out so much I start sounding like a screech owl! I've started to chill, and start getting ready or get going a few minutes earlier so I can get places and do things on time...no more late Ana! (hopefully)- I make sure I enjoy the sights and sounds of all environments that I enter, and stop for deep breaths constantly.

3. YOGA- everyday...yes, EVERYDAY. I'll do an A'sana practice anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or so. I then follow up with 20 minutes of seated meditation. It's not about tiring your body out or competing with anyone, it's about FEELING GOOD. Stretching feel good! And after I meditate I'm so peaceful and clear, work and daily activities are super easy to concentrate on.

4. Madhu Vidya- What's that? It's waking up every single day and having a positive thought about the day. "today is going to be great!", "I love to be alive!", " Life is amazing!"- Thinking positively first thing in the morning will create a positive path and schedule for the rest of the day. Good energy attracts Good Energy, bad attracts bad, it's that simple.

5. UNPLUG- I'm as addicted to Face Book and twitter as well as checking my emails as much as the next person. But since I've been cutting off the computer and putting the phone to the side, I've been more creative! And less lazy! I can actually live without knowing what you're cooking for dinner and without telling you that I'm at the bookstore. I check my emails and such in the a.m. and once in the p.m. and try to create my blog posts in my head or on paper so that I'm not staring at the computer for new ideas to just come to me. 

Just starting with one or all of these things will help you feel more motivated and centered. I feel better physically and mentally! What better day than today to start ? It's all about kindness and living...get to it!!

Love Your Body

Raise your body image with the begining of my Official 
Body Consciousness Plan

I'm really working on myself inside and out. In doing so I've been figuring out things that work for me, and I think they'll work for you too! Let's follow these together and I'll post my results monthly...I can't wait to see what December will hold for my soul!

 1. Become aware of your negative body talk. Negativity affects you inside and out, I can't say it enough, there are enough negative people saying negative things about you, don't add to it! Only point out what you do like and repeat it to yourself daily. I love my butt, it's big, and round and well; baby got back. I love it...it makes my jeans look amazing and my dresses fit awesomely!

 2. Do an energy scan- Once a day (I do it after yoga, before meditation) sit down and close your eyes. Breathe in and out with deep evenly counted breaths. Turn your attention towards your body- starting at the tips of your toes, Notice if anything feels weird, pained, or tense. If it does, place your hand on that spot and concentrate on "breathing" positive oxygen into that spot.Continue to do that throughout your body. Dis-ease can't live in a place that is oxygenated. And it never hurts to envision light pouring into your hand as well!

 3. Talk with your body image- Sit in a comfortable position, breathing deeply and evenly. Close your eyes and envision yourself sitting across from you. Notice every detail of your image. Ask it questions- Are you okay? Do you have anything to tell me? To teach me? Make sure to tell your image how much you love it. Visualize giving yourself a hug and really loving yourself.When you are finished, journal your results. It's amazing what doing this monthly or so and journaling about it, what a difference you'll read in your writings.

I'll continue to add to this series throughout the month. Let's make November POSITIVE IMAGE MONTH! It never hurts to give yourself some lovin'!

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